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Patented handheld device and six weekcontrol training program

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Sex(ier) Education


Sometimes, your dick can have a mind of its own. The Prolong Climax Control Training Program is here to help you take that control back.

What is control training?

Prolong Climax Control Training Program, developed by globally renowned psychiatrist Dr. Andy Zamar, coaches you with ease towards greater control of your climax, and of your life.

Blending the science of the ‘Start-Stop’ technique with the only FDA cleared program for climax control, Prolong Control Training is designed to desensitise the penis and strengthen the mind to give you more decisiveness over your ejaculation, long-term.

Used 3 times a week for 6 weeks, you’ll see some serious gains. At the end of six weeks, our clinical studies have shown you’ll feel more sexually satisfied and see improvements in time to ejaculation, with some seeing a huge increase of 15 minutes. Get ready to master the art of dick control.


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How to



Decide you’re going to control train with Prolong. It will change your life. Trust us.


Lubricate the entire head of your penis and switch on the device.


Cup the device between your fingers and palm with the studs facing upwards. Place the Prolong on the back of your penis with your thumb over the top of it. Now you’re ready for some fun.


Gently apply pressure to start massaging the neck of your penis. Your penis will begin to fill with blood and trust us, you’ll definitely want to ejaculate.


Ready to reach climax? Don’t do it just yet. Remove the device from your penis at this point. You’re training your penis to last longer, so stopping before you want to ejaculate is key.


Give your penis a break. Maybe have a Kit Kat, but don’t wait for your erection to subside. Just give yourself some time to calm down the really strong urge to ejaculate before you get started again. Re-apply some lubricant if it’s feeling a little dry.


On your third venture, it’s your time to let loose – you can finally allow yourself to ejaculate. But you don’t have to if you don't want to – you’ll still get all the benefits of the program. If you don’t ejaculate you might feel some discomfort but this should settle in an hour or two.


Follow the Prolong Control Training Program 3 times a week for 6 weeks, and for no longer than 30 minutes a session. You’ll start seeing results from week one.

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Week by week guide


Welcome to week one of the Prolong Control Training Program.

Let us start by saying, you’ve chosen wisely. Get ready to see some real, clinically proven results – starting today. At the end of the week, you’ll be 17% of the way through the program, and have started to wrangle back control from your dick, which is why you came here in the first place.

What to expect

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate and if left untreated could cause premature ejactulation.You probably recoiled at the thought of it, but if you’re experiencing any form of pain in your junk, it’s important to get to a doctor.

Dick gains

From your very first session to your third, you should find yourself lasting a little longer. These kinds of incremental physical gains will continue throughout the entire program. You should also start to notice some mental gains too, like finding you’re not stressing so much about how long you’re going to last. You’re learning to manage your expectations. It’s all upside from here.

Goals & Tips

Give that little device and its control training program the time it deserves. Think of training your dick as equally as important as training at the gym or on the Xbox. Set yourself a goal of when and where you’ll do the program. Take notes in your phone after each session on your time to ejaculation – you’ll be able to see at the end of the six weeks just how far you’ve come.


You’re into week two.

You’ll be 33% of the way through the control training program at the end of this week, and that’s awesome. You’re well on your way to better sex.

What to expect

You can expect to become more aware of your body and how it’s responding to Prolong this week – like knowing how to position the device to make the experience super comfortable yet exceptionally stimulating, and knowing the best grip and pressure when holding it in your hand.

Dick gains

Mental and physical gains are big. By the end of week two, you’ll notice you’re less sensitive to the vibration of the Prolong and as a result, lasting longer to ejaculation. Fuck yes. This is where mental confidence comes from.

Goals & Tips

Talk about it, and read about it. Control Training is for every man – and their partners. Talking about Control Training strengthens the mind and helps to overcome some of the lingering barriers that cause some anxieties. Read more about how to talk your partner about it here.


You’re half way through.

You’ve made it to week three. Longer-lasting, better sex is on the horizon.

What to expect

Have you ever tried a diet, or gym training program and half way through you just wanted to give it all up and get a slice of pizza? You might also feel like that half way through the Climax Control Training Program. It’s really important to realise just how far you’ve come, and just how easy the program has been. Manage your expectations. You’ll be 50% of the way through at the end of the week. Have a glass-half-full perspective. You are seeing results.

Dick gains

Check in with your progress in your notes. By now we should have some really good gains on your time to ejaculation. Mentally, you’re getting on top of those lingering expectations on how long you should last and learning to go with the flow a little more. That benefits you and your partner(s).

Goals & Tips

The program is repetitive for a reason: it works. So if it feels like you might fall off the bandwagon, it’s time to mix things up. Introduce the Prolong into non-penetrative sex-time with your partner. It’s a really good way to not only get them involved on your journey, but to also make the experience more fun. Read more about how to use Prolong in other ways here.


Here we go. Week four.

You’re nearing the end of your dick discovery. You’ve learnt what makes you feel good when it comes to Control Training and how to manage your expectations. You’re 66% of the way there at the end of this week.

What to expect

You’re over the hump, and Control Training feels easy and natural. You’ll notice a feeling of renewed confidence in yourself. It’s driven by your ability to take back some control from your dick and you’ve now got more of a say in when you want to ejaculate.

Dick gains

This renewed confidence will be not only positively impact your sexual experiences, but you’ll also see it on other areas of your life; you might notice it helps you walk taller, speak clearer, take charge a little more. Healthy dick, healthy mind. Happy life, happy lover.

Goals & Tips

It could be time to start using the Prolong device during penetrative sex. Sex is meant to be fun, and so should Control Training. Whip it out during foreplay - have your partner use the device on you while you’re fooling around. Read more about how to use Prolong during sex here.


Week 5, feelin' alive

You’re at the 83% mark of the program. It’s like getting an A when what you really want is an A+. Keep Control Training til week six for maximum results.

What to expect

You first need to be happy, comfortable and confident within yourself before you can start seeing positive changes in other areas of your life. By the end of week five, you can expect that with better confidence in yourself comes better relationships. Control Training is ingrained in your routine - it’s second nature now. Because of this, the focus this week might start shifting away from you and to how your relationship is becoming stronger and more exciting.

Dick gains

Your partner will have noticed some positive changes in you as you’ve become more confident in yourself. They'll also have noticed you’re lasting longer during sex too. It’s a win-win situation.

Goals & Tips

The goal for this week is to up your intimacy game. The more vulnerable you make yourself during sex, the closer you’ll feel to your partner – regardless of whether it’s long-term or a casual hookup. The closer you feel to your partner, the better your relationship. It’s another win-win. Find out how to up your intimacy game here.


You did it.

Unless our math is wrong, the end of week six means you are 100% there; you’ve successfully completed the Prolong Climax Control Training Program in full.

What to expect

Like we mentioned in week one, every dick and every person is different, so your progress and your journey is unique. But no matter who you are, you will have seen some incredible results, both physically and mentally over the past six weeks.

Dick gains

If you’re anything like the guys who took part in the clinical testing of Prolong, you’ll be in good shape at the end of week six. Our study participants not only reported a reduction in issues with premature ejaculation, but also higher levels of sexual functioning and communication within their relationship and a reduction in anxiety symptoms.

The best news? The gains are long-term. Our testing showed that six months after completing the program, time to ejaculation had either stabilised or improved even more.

Goals & Tips

From here on out you won’t be needing the Prolong device anymore. You will have mastered the art of control. So at the end of week six, you can bin the device or enshrine it. Your goal now is to enjoy better sex– and we know you will.